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Functional Golf is one of the longest running accelerated golf training program in the nation. Functional Golf has produced one of the highest success rates in the industry. Click on the tab below to view class schedules, rates and improve your game at an accelerated rate now.
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How do I get signed up?
It is simple. You can do it online and with a credit card with a few clicks. On our web site, under the Functional Golf tab on the web site, then pick the session that works for you and, create your own account that will track all the information required. If you have questions please call 831.423.7214 or email to sign up for a game assessment.
Do you use swing video analysis?
Yes. We use video analysis to help the player understand their swing characteristics in combination with how the tour pros do it. Our goal with the video is not to make a player swing like someone else but to give them a visual perspective in case certain changes are needed.
What sort of results can I expect?
As with anything, you can expect to get out of it what you put into it. We have a proven method to help players achieve tremendous results and we have found that the players with the most open mindedness to this philosophy achieve the most success. Also, results can come in different forms. This is where you need to have specific goals and hold yourself accountable to meeting those goals.
How is Functional Golf different?
Functional Golf uses a knowledge based training curriculum that is process oriented, not outcome oriented. It uses the Immersion accelerated method for learning used by the US Government when a working knowledge and understanding of a subject is needed quickly. When compared to traditional programs and using people of equal ability, Functional Golf students have shown that after 6-months they are typically 10 to 14 months more advanced in both skill level and knowledge.
Do you offer Private Instruction?
Yes, however we have found that students who "immerse" themselves in the functional golf training program have proven to improve faster than they had ever imagined. Workshops are Instructor preferred because they offer the best value and produce the highest success rate; students promise to practice between lessons but life often doesn't let them; workshops offer students the time to make the behavioral modifications necessary for change; 35+ years of experience has proven that most student problems resurface after 45-minutes of practice, which is well after most lessons end. We also found that most students are not comfortable with or gain control of what the instructor wants of them until after the same 45-plus minutes.
What is covered in a workshop class?
Workshops are 60-90 minute training sessions where everyone receive instruction specific to their needs. What our students find helpful is that during these Workshops the instructors make it clear on what they are trying to do, why, and lay out a personalized student-specific program for them that is easy to understand and follow regardless of whether they are in a Workshop or on their own.
When can I attend a workshop class?
When you log in to you will be able to view your calendar that shows all available sessions that you can come to. Come out to the session that fits into your schedule.
What is the cost?
Costs will vary based on the package you select and your commitment level. Our "1st Step Program" at $265 gives you the evaluation lesson and 3 workshop classes. From there you may choose from several packages of workshops at affordable rates.
What if I’m brand new to the game of golf?
Then you found the perfect place to learn in a comfortable, non-threatening environment through the Functional Golf program. We help you explore your swing with some very basic movements to get you feeling what should be happening. From there you begin your golfing education on what golf is really about and what you can do to improve and enjoy the game for the rest of your life.
Is it a group clinic?
No. It is a training workshop. Workshops are 60-90 minute training sessions where we work with up to 4 students at a time. This is NOT like the old “group” lessons where everyone is doing the same thing. No, this is similar to working with several players at a PGA Tour event. Although the instructor is working with individual players at one time, each receives individual instruction specific to their needs and have the time to incorporate it correctly under the watchful eye of the instructor.
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George Mead
I dropped 24 strokes immediately!
After a few sessions with Parker I dropped 24 strokes! I am amazed how fast I improved and would recommend his program to anyone looking to improve their golf game.

Janice Ichikawa
Parker is the best Instructor I've ever had!
After my first lesson with Parker my shots improved greatly & I continue to improve every lesson.

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What is Functional Golf? Functional Golf is an accelerated golf training program that has produced one of the highest success rates in the industry. Put your information in above to find out more.