High School Program


The High school program is for high school players who are trying to play competitive golf. This program will work on helping them get to the "Next Level" on their mental game and scoring techniques. We spend time on the golf course, in seminars and workshops developing the tools needed to become mentally strong in the game of golf. We define goals, create improvement plans, and go over the steps to achieve those goals.
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What’s included in the High School program?
Four 2 hour sessions per month with 2 of those sessions being on course playing lessons
What is your absence policy?
You get 1 absence per 12 classes, any other missed classes count against your total
What does my child need to bring to class?
They need a water bottle, sun block, hat, and appropriate clothes for the weather.
What happens when there is bad weather?
We only cancel class if the course is closed. If the weather is bad we have fun activities to do inside.
Does my child need clubs?
If they have clubs bring them, but we do have club available for those who don’t
Do you offer tournaments?
We offer monthly tournaments on Sundays that give the kids a chance to play in a fun competitive environment.
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Kacy Blankenship
Playing Varsity Now
I went from shooting in the high 40's, to shooting 35 in tryouts making the varsity team!

Cory Christman
Going from 100's to low 80's
This program helped me get my mind back on track, now I'm back in the 80's again!

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