Junior Weekly Coaching


Our junior programs are designed to give your child the best possible experience when introducing them to the game of golf. We offer a unique tiered improvement system similar to martial arts where players can create realistic and tangible goals. Beginning at white hat level, players will have the opportunity to progress through the ranks via tournament play and program engagement. More Information  
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What does my child need to bring to class to be prepared?
Please have them bring a water bottle, sunblock, proper clothing for the current weather and clubs, if they have them. Golf shoes and gloves are not necessary.
How do I choose which class is right for my child?
Each program indicates the age and skill levels, allowing you to pick a program that fits your child. If you are unsure feel free to email or call us so we can help you pick the right program.
Does my child need clubs?
No, we have clubs for them to use. If your child has clubs, please bring them to class. We will make sure they are fitted properly and let you know our recommendation as well as suggest the best, most cost effective vendor from whom to purchase.
What happens when there is inclement weather?
We don't cancel class in inclement weather for a few reasons. We have cover at the driving range and access to facilities indoors. If session is inside, we will work with the students on indoor games (putting, chipping). We also have numerous games, activities and rules quizzes to go through and our indoor swing video analysis and coaching. Rest assured that inside sessions are just as important and as fun as our outside coaching sessions. No sessions are lost due to inclement weather.
How do I sign my child up?
It is simple. Click on the Green "Get Started" button below, then choose the best program that fits your child. From there just follow the steps through registration.
What is your absence policy?
Our absence policy is as follows: You get one missed session over the 12 week program. In essence, the player has 13 weeks to complete 12 sessions. After that, any missed sessions will count as an attended class.
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Josh Workman
I got 3rd place in first competition!!!
My son Jacob has been in the program for 6-months and got 3rd place in his first tournament!

Mathew Holcomb
Parker is the BEST golf instructor!
Parker makes the game fun and helped me progress to the silver level in Santa Cruz Junior Golf!

Jessica Gavasse
My son placed 2nd at his 1st U.S. Kids Golf Tournament!
My son is so happy and playing great golf!


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