Adult Coaching Program


Our Adult Coaching Program uses the "Coaching Model" to help players of all skill levels lower their scores. We start out on the course to learn your game and create an individualized improvement plan to accomplish your golfing goals. We then personalize your purposeful practice routine and use the "Coaching Model" system to accelerate your golfing goals.
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What is a coaching program?
The coaching program is based on you reaching your goals.
What if I’m a scratch or pro?
No matter how good you are you can always get better. We will build a program for even the best player to get better.
Do you use swing video analysis?
Yes. We use video analysis to help the player understand their swing characteristics to improve their ball flight.
Is it a clinic?
No. A Coaching program is a cutting edge instruction that is based in a team environment that allows each player to ach
What sort of results can I expect?
We Guarantee our results! So if you don’t reach your goal we will teach you until you do.
What if I’m brand new to the game of golf?
Then you found the perfect place to learn in a comfortable, non-threatening environment in our program.
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Jute Hilton - Santa Cruz
Dropped 8 strokes after 2 weeks!
I had my best score today, 52. That's 8 strokes less than the last 2 weeks!

Play Better Golf Guaranteed

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